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K2K Deactivator
Like the K2I the K2K deactivator is a state of the art label deactivator used at the point of sale.

This deactivator has the electronics in a separate chassis from the deactivation pad. This allows the use of two deactivation pads with one electronics chassis, therefore reducing the cost for multiple deactivation units.

The installation consists of placing the deactivator on the counter and plugging into a standard outlet.

Deactivation Pad
Height:   5/8" (1.59cm)
Width:   9 5/8" (24.45cm)
Depth:   9 5/8" (24.45cm)
Weight:   1.7 lbs. (.77kg)
Colors:   Black
Height:   1 1/8" (2.86cm)
Width:   5 1/4" (13.36cm)
Depth:   4 1/4" (10.8cm)
Weight:   2.2 lbs. (1kg) with Power Supply
Colors:   Black