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Since 1988, Ketec has been designing and manufacturing Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems that help prevent shoplifting in retail stores. With a philosophy that marries state-of-the-art technology with a unique approach to marketing, Ketec is reshaping the EAS market.

Ketec is first with a truly user friendly, full-featured EAS system that is self-installable, easy to move and requires little or no calibration.

Ketec is first with an EAS system so reliable and rugged that it virtually eliminates expensive on-site service and annoying false alarms that plague competitive systems.

Ketec is the first and only EAS company to forge a true and long lasting "partnership" with its distribution network - providing the technical training and support needed to ensure end user satisifaction.

Ketec, a name synonymous with a better, more affordable Electronic Article Surveillance system - one that meets the demand of today's more challenging and competitive retail marketplace.